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Message from the Head of Department



Dear Students,

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is one of the youngest and most dynamic Departments of Yıldız Technical University, a well-established university founded in 1911. Our department, which was established in 2014 within the Faculty of Electronics and Electronics in Davutpaşa campus of our university, is 100% English.

Biomedical engineering is an engineering branch that brings together the areas of medicine and engineering, and in this context, brings technological and scientific solutions in the field of health with the aim of increasing the quality of life of societies. Graduates of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, which is an interdisciplinary department that gets different engineering branches such as electronics, machinery, mechatronics, and genetics, as well as medicine, biology, provide scientific and technological services in R&D / P&D units of the public or private sector takes an active part in the departments.

Our students have two main internship obligations during their education lives, in the hospital and in the sector. In addition, as the Department Head, we have included the Vocational Training in Business model, which we started the preparation phase with in 2022 and will be implemented in 2023. Vocational Education in Business, also known as KOOP (Cooperative Education-CO-OP), our students will be able to spend their last semester (8th semester) working as candidate engineers in companies that specialize in their fields. With KOOP, our students will gain industry experience before they graduate.

With the Biomedical Engineering Department, double major program (DMP) and minor program, our students are also given the opportunity to graduate from a second program at our university (DMP) or to take courses (minor). In addition, our students gain the experience of being a semester/yearly student and taking courses in a different country and university with the ERASMUS program.

The undergraduate and graduate programs of our department, which has a young and dynamic academic staff, are Biotechnology, Biomedical Electronics, Biofabrication, Biomechanics, Modeling of Physiological Systems, Biomaterials, Biosensors, Tissue Engineering, Drug Release Systems, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. R&D activities continue in subjects such as Implant Design and Production, 3D printer in Biotechnology, Health Physics, Imaging Devices.

Our department aims to train engineers who have adopted lifelong learning, have the skills of analysis and synthesis, are creative, entrepreneurial, inquisitive, have internalized ethical values, are prone to teamwork and interdisciplinary studies, are self-confident and open to technological developments, and are beneficial to their country and humanity.

I wish all of our students who choose or will choose our department a successful education and training process and a brilliant career.

We wish the stars of all our students and graduates who will be from Yıldız Technical University to always shine…